dBpoweramp Batch Ripper™: Create Loader Drivers

Batch Ripper was designed to be open when supporting loaders, it is possible for 3rd parties to easily create drivers for batch ripper. Should you wish to create your own drivers this following section describes the process Batch Ripper will call loaders.

Loader CLI Switches:

Loaders are contained in the folder \dBpoweramp\BatchRipper\Loaders\[Loader Name]\

Pre-Batch\Pre-Batch.exe   called once at beginning of batch rip
Load\Load.exe   called for each load
Reject\Reject.exe   called if CD needs to be rejected (cannot read, is data cd...), NB Unload would not be called
UnLoad\UnLoad.exe   called to unload a cd normally
Post-Batch\Post-Batch.exe   called once at the end of the batch

Additional files in Loaders\[Loader Name]\[Method Load\  Reject\  etc] folder:

DefaultCmdLine.txt (saved as ascii)

Line 1: first run default command line
Line 2: help line displayed to user under command line (in Batch Ripper Configuration)
Line 3: hidden command line (not show to user) which is always added to CLI

NB if DefaultCmdLine.txt is not present, then user is not able to change or add command line

Passed to loaders (all lower case):

--drive="X" cd drive letter passed
--logfile="X:\filename.tmp" requests any debugging details be written by the loader to this temp file, should be saved as Unicode plain text
--passerrorsback="x:\filename1.tmp" requests any errors from loader to this temp file, should be saved as Unicode plain text, if contains [cancel batch] (all lower case) then batch rip is ended

--watchdog="120000" (for batch ripper, even though specified on command line: will end task the loader command if not finished after X milisecond time)
--rejectifnodisc (for batch ripper: used on a load.exe if the load fails tells batch ripper to issue a reject, incase an unreadable cd was loaded)

[and additional user typed, default or hidden command line]
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