dBpoweramp Batch Ripper™: Version Changes


Release 3

Added Discogs as the replacement for AMG.

Release 2

Updated to 64 bit (compatible with Release 15 dBpoweramp)

Release 1.5

Updated to use secure.dbpoweramp.com (reg.dbpoweramp.com has been replaced), used for the AMG purchase link within Batch Ripper.

Release 1.4

On manual input & review, new 'Search Internet for Album Art' button
Updated internally to XClass and VS2010
Manual Meta Review: drawing speed enhancements
MusicBrainz updated to NGS

Bug fix - AMG would not lookup when using 400 non-commercial lookups
Bug fix: Corrupted Album Art could freeze album art selection

Release 1.3

RipNAS Rack code added
SonataDB fix for conductorsort
Music Brainz retrieval improvement
Able to detect drive names of cd/dvd/br drives with poor firmwares
Works with BluRay drives on Windows 7

Release 1.2

Option to keep disc order (unload as loaded) same, option in Batch Ripper Configuration (for multi drive systems)
Added -isrc on command line to read isrc from CDs
GD3 Symphony - extended classical fields
Internal code for RipNAS (auto select primera robots, check serial port CTS for CD Eject)
Bug Fix: (very minor) was defaulting results folder to \results\results in %appdata%

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