dBpoweramp Codec: Version Changes

Release 4

Works with R14.1 or above to show true encoding speed
Bug Fix: When encoding to certain multiple formats, multi-cpu correctly functions

Release 3

Updated to latest R13 naming conventions. Also corrections to naming which will now correctly limit the filename length.

Bug Fix: Could not type a directory name longer than the visible output to folder.

Release 2

Added DSP effects to each encoder.
Ability to pass the filename(s) used out to R13 of Music Converter / CD Ripper (AR Tags can be written to final files)
Added new [length_mmss], [length_hhmmss], [composer] & [conductor] naming elements
Win9x no longer shows encoder cmd line window
No longer creates ARTIST id tags for naming if one does not exist (TITLE is created from filename if does not exist)

Release 1

First Release