dBpoweramp m4a Codec: Version Changes

Release 14 (revision 3)

Uses Apples open source ALAC code.

Release 14 (revision 2)

Bug Fix: for very large m4a, m4b or mp4 files the reading of metadata would be very slow.

Release 14

Included as Standard (Apple Lossless decoder & Encoder) with dBpoweramp R14 (AAC decoder auto install from Internet).
AAC decoder updated.

Release 10

Bug Fix: When writing metadata with a huge tag (ie a picture encoded as text) tag writing was previously very slow.
Bug Fix: fixed option to ignore error and continue decoding on corrupt m4a files

Release 9

Apple Lossless 24 bit encoding & decoding supported
Improvements made to Apple Lossless compression
Added new tag recognition: Title Sort, Artist Sort, Album Artist Sort, Album Sort, Composer Sort

Bug Fix: for detecting high frequency ALAC files ( > 48KHz)
Bug Fix: able to read ALAC files with area of NULLs after data (but not in a chunk)
Bug Fix: able to read ALAC files with chapters
Bug Fix: deleting all tags (or running [Update ID Tags]) could corrupt the m4a file on certain tracks
Bug Fix: able to recover from corrupted ID Tag and read

Release 8

Tagging option (default on) to allow file for fast start (AppleTV requires moov chunk before mdat)
Better at handling corrupted m4a / m4b files.
Rewritten Apple Lossless decoder to accept extra unexpected chunks
Added Option to write Nokia / Sony compatible ID3 tags
Apple Lossless encoder - uses m4a decoder to verify (previously had own decoder)
Apple Lossless encoder - no longer writes a title tag with the filename (if no tags were in the source file)

Bug Fix: Apple Lossless files now 100% compatible with Apple iPod / AppleTV.
Bug Fix: Some AMG Styles have "/" in them, these were appearing as incorrect multi items
Bug Fix: if file is 0 bytes or does not exist, then Popup info could make the file re-appear.
Bug Fix: correct storage of multi-line comments and preservation of '/' in tags which are non mulitline

Release 7

Tagging update, compatibility fix with latest Nero encoder (previous versions would not detect the Nero tag and other players would not read the dBpoweramp written tag). Tagging also now compatible with foobar 2K.

Release 6

Own m4a id tag reading / writing routines:

  album art support,
  multi artist, etc support

ALAC encoder: stsc is always written with correct record count (Sonos requires)

bug fix: sample rate of high frequency audio files might be read wrong

Release 5

Update to make compatible with R12 (unicode, etc)
Bug Fix: miss reporting of SBR and HE aac files fixed

Release 4

New Apple Lossless encoder (is stand alone, ie does not require iTunes).
AAC Encoder updated from faac (old and getting tired) to the newer Nero Digital AAC Encoder

Release 3.5

Update to Apple Lossless (ALAC) decoder, compatible with iTunes v5

Release 3

Combined m4a encoder and decoder
Changed default encoding ext to .m4a
Can read .m4b audiobook files
faac - added extra options (such as -b bitrate),
does gapless decoding
6 channel correct channel positioning
renamed FAAC mp4 to m4a (FAAC CLI)
Better ID Tagging unicode compatible with dMC R11 (delete, etc)
Merged ALAC into standard mp4 decoder