dBpoweramp FLAC Codec: Version Changes

Release 14

Able to stream from http (as used by dBpoweramp Renaissance)
Allows streams with no metadata lengths (zero sample count) to be decoded
Fixes multi AlbumArtist issue
Able to read Ogg-FLAC streams

Release 13

Ensemble recognized as Album Artist
Option to write Ensemble instead of Albumartist
Preserves '01' etc for Track Number (previously would have set '1')
Better detection of other Jpeg embedded images

Release 12

Mapping 'Album Artist' to 'AlbumArtist' as seems to be mainly used (can disable this in Tagging Options)
Uses TOTALTRACKS and TOTALDISCS instead of adding to end of Track and Disc

Bug Fix: For tags which are non multi (ie non Artist) then \r line breaks are left in tag on conversion

Release 11

Updated to FLAC 1.2.1
Album Art handling improvement (handles art description field)
FLAC encoder can sense the expected ID Tag size and automatically sets padding (saves whole flac file being rewritten at end)
If Album Art has not changed then is not rewritten (saves the whole file being rewritten on a tag update)
Added new Padding sizes (64KB 128 KB 256KB 512KB)
Added storage of CDTOC in new CDTOC vorbis comment (see forum.dbpoweramp.com >> Developer for details)

Bug Fix: when removing 2nd album art it would not remove it
Bug Fix: When Advanced Flac Option Corrupt Flac File set to 'Continue Decoding (show error as information)' was not writing ID Tag

Release 10

Updated to FLAC 1.2.0
Added option to switch off Vorbis Comment ID Tag mappings

Release 9

Bug Fix: When tagging a file with a filename at the maximum allowed (260 chars), the tagging would not stick as temp file could not be created

Release 8

bug fix: sample rate of high frequency audio files might be read wrong

Release 7

Updated to FLAC (1.1.4)
Added Album art supp
ort into vorbis comments
Styles tag can contain multiple items.
No longer signals false error FLAC__STREAM_DECODER_SEARCH_FOR_METADATA
Bug Fix: No longer gives MD5 miss-match error if only decoding part of file (with DSP effects)

Release 6

Major update to FLAC (1.1.3), compatible with dBpoweramp R12
Supports multiple Artists & Genres, etc
Verifies with md5 on compression and decompression (options)
Padding size option

Release 5.3

ID Tagging rewritten from scratch, to combat crashes
Option (default off) to decode .fla files, as these are used also as flash animation so there is a conflict

Release 5.2

Using FLAC 1.1.2 (speed improvements)
Compiled as static
Bug Fix: Was not data aligning 24 bit audio data
Bug Fix: Ready for it: 24 bit encoding and decoding was wrong, the upper and lower bytes were swapped - me==really sorry

Release 5.1

Bug Fix: 0 byte flac files could crash tag reader

Release 5

24 bit and 6 channel compatible
Advanced tagging options (dMC R11 required), Unicode, set tag creation as Vorbis, ID3v2, ID3v1
Compression modes 0-8 just like Flac CLI compressor
Popup information displays Flac version to create file.
Using FLAC 1.1.1 

Release 4.2

Bug Fix: Year was not correctly going across into dAP or Sveta

Release 4.1

Bug Fix: Editing existing tags could corrupt the file
Large Font compatible

Release 4

Uses Flac 1.1.0 code.
Bug Fix: Could return track number of 0 in some instances.

Release 3

Uses Flac 1.0.4 code (faster encoding and decoding).
Bug Fix: Ogg Tag of Year should be stored in Date and not Year

Release 2

Updated to use the new FLAC 1.0.3 code, and now supports Ogg style tags (the default for new flac files).