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  Sveta Portable Audio: Apple Drivers
iPod Range (Generation 1 to 5,  Photo, Video, Mini,  Shuffle & Nano) - Driver Install: Apple iPod Driver   Release 6   269 KB    [Read information presented after install]

>>>> Important <<<< Apple have changed their iPod firmware, to make Sveta compatible with these changes, download Apple-New-iPod.reg then right click on download and select Merge (this will enter it into the registry).

Note: Using this iPod driver will might affect existing Video, Audio Books files on iPod, it is purely for audio files.

In addition install mp4 / m4a Codec to create mp4 files. The iPod is also able to play Apple Lossless (ALAC) these are big, will use the battery quicker than mp3, or m4a (aac) files, but they will give perfect audio rendition (not compressed). Videos and podcasts are not supported by Sveta.