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  Sveta Portable Audio

Sveta Portable Audio™ liberates your portable player from the manufacturer supplied bloated 'Manager' program:

  • Rip Audio CDs straight to your player no need to store them on your PC,

  • On the Fly conversions have WMA files but your player only plays mp3? Sveta can convert whilst sending,

  • Smart Conversions, tell Sveta which audio types should be recompressed or sent 'as is' (files below a certain bitrate),

  • Simplicity sending Audio files, from within Windows Explorer right click on an Audio File >> Convert To >> [your portable]

  • Sveta Explorer simple to use full screen device explorer, sort tracks by Artist, Album or Year **

  • Edit ID Tags, Star rate tracks & Playlist Support **

  • Copy Audio back to PC and arrange (order into folders) as required  **

  • Two way Audio Synchronize, with dBpoweramp Audio Player synchronize newly ripped audio files,

  • Integration with dBpoweramp family, dBpoweramp the must have audio program - Sveta integrates seamlessly,

    ** subject to portable device capabilities      Windows 95 does not support USB devices.

Sveta Portable Audio gives a fully functional 30 day trial-run, no obligation. After 30 days a registration can be purchased instantly.




Sveta Portable Audio Install Release 5  (2.5 MB) 
  for Windows XP, 2000, 95, 98, ME and NT.

!! Important Read: Compatibility with Music Converter Release 12 !! 


Install the correct Sveta Driver

 Sveta Device Drivers  

Popular Sveta Device Drivers

Apple   iPod Generation 1 to 5,  iPod Photo & Video,  iPod Mini,  iPod Shuffle & Nano   (m4a and Apple Lossless supported)
Creative Labs   Jukebox DAP,  Jukebox NOMAD,  Jukebox 2 (+LX),  Jukebox 3,  Jukebox Zen (full range, NX & Xtra),  Jukebox Micro, Muvo,  Nomad II (+C & MG)
DNNA & Diamond & SONICblue   Rio Karma,  Rio Nitrus & Eigen,  Rio Cali,  Rio Chiba, Carbon,  Forge, Rio 300,  500,  600,  800,  900,  One,  RioRiot,  S10,  S30,  S35S,  S50
mpio (Digital@way)   DMB,  DMB+,  DME,  DMG,  DMG+,  DMK,  FD100,  FL100,  FL200,  FY100, FY200,  HDD100,  SV,  EX
Philips   HDD060,  HDD065,  HDD070,  HDD100,  HDD120

Windows Media Player

Sveta Portable Audio Window Media Driver  many modern players have drivers for Windows Media Player (WMP), Sveta is able to work with these players also.

Mass Storage Device

Sveta Removable Device Driver  for devices that appear as removable drives within Windows Explorer (also known as Mass-Storage Devices). Find out why Sveta should be your preferred choice to manage these players.

Pocket PC

Sveta Pocket PC Driver  specific Sveta driver for all Pocket PCs

Sveta Portable Drivers

Archos   Jukebox
  Bantam   BA1000
iRiver   iFP-1xx,  iFP-3xx
MP Man & Saehan & Eiger Labs   MPMan F20,  MPMan F50,  MPMan F55,  MPMan F60
Nike   PSAplay 60,  PSAplay 120