dBpoweramp [Multi Encoder] Utility Codec

A utility codec that encodes to two or more encoders at the simultaneously, for example Rip an Audio CD to both mp3 and ogg vorbis at the same time.


Windows 98 or newer, Power Pack & dBpoweramp R12 or newer required.


Add Encoder adds a new encoder, the encoder selection page is very similar to Music Converters:

Output Location dictates the folder converted files are saved to:

  • Original Folder, converted audio file will be placed in the same folder as the original.

  • Folder: a folder of your choosing, click Browse to choose.

  • Dynamic (dBpoweramp Reference required) it is possible to take Folder and add dynamic values (which are substituted from the ID tag of the source file). For example setting folder to C:\ and Dynamic to [origpath]\mp3\[origfilename] will place converted files into a mp3 sub folder preserving the original path and filename. Dynamic is very flexible particularly when used with Batch Converter. Clicking List / Rename shows the final filenames before converting. Further Naming Details

Important: When using multi-encoder the source audio file (file converting from) must not be overwritten, this can lead to unpredictable results.

DSP Effects / Actions  just as with Music Converter live DSP effects, or actions (such as changing the ID Tags) can take place whilst converting.

Multi-CPU (dBpoweramp Reference option) allows Multi Encoder to use multiple CPUs at the same time. 

 Component Compatibility  

Music Converter R12 (ignore for R13 or later): When Ripping Audio CDs it is not possible to append AccurateRip information into the ID Tags after ripping, as again CD Ripper is not able to identify the multiple files being created.

 Version Changes  

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