dBpoweramp Batch Converter

Batch Converter facilitates converting large numbers of files, be them in folders and sub-folders, with 1 click. It is also possible to selectively convert just one audio type, or even a certain bit-rate, or create a profile to convert only selected artists or albums (tag based not filename). 

Place a tick mark next to the file(s) to convert, or folders. Then click Convert and Music Converter takes over.

Converting Folders

Click once on the square box next to a folder, this selects all files and all subfolders for conversion:

SubFolder1 and SubFolder2 have been selected also, to exclude SubFolder1 click on the box next to SubFolder1, until it contains a blank space:

To exclude all sub folders, click on Music's box once more:

Individual tracks can be excluded from a folder by clicking on the tick box to remove the tick.

Preserving Folder Layout

With Dynamic Naming on the Music Converter page, it is possible to preserve or alter an existing folder layout. For example setting Dynamic to: [origpath]\[origfilename] preserves the source folders and source filename. See Naming Details [Reference required]

Converting a Lossless library to mp3

It is common to have a lossless library (such as FLAC) and create a mp3 library from that for a portable player. To do so:
  • Select your whole library root folder, and click Convert
  • On the Music Converter page, for Output to choose 'Edit Dynamic Naming' and set to: [origpath]\[origfilename] and set Base Location to a unique location to store the mp3 files,
  • Click Convert >> if redoing the mp3 library add the DSP effect 'Conditional Encode' and set to skip already existing destination files.

Excluding Audio Types It is possible to exclude audio types, by clicking the Filter button. Only audio types with a check mark are converted. Filter also allows selection of Artists, or Albums, by default all artists are included, by clicking the 'Exclude All' button, only checked artists are converted.

Filtering On Bitrate, etc

Once all files are selected for conversion, click List, wait for all audio properties to be read then right click on a column header (such as Name) and select the item to sort by, such as bitrate. By clicking on the bitrate column, tracks are sorted by bitrate. To exclude certain bitrates, select first file, hold shift key and and select last file, next right click >>Uncheck All, only files of a certain bitrate will be converted.

A filter button is also present on the main page, this allows after files have been selected, to be filtered based on their ID Tags (such as remove an artist), or filter on date.


If a profile is created, or select a previous profile: all selections are automatically saved to that profile, this also includes all entries under 'Filter' and settings made later in Music Converter. When creating a new profile there is an option as to whether file selections should be remembered for that profile.

Creating a 2nd Library for the Car

Full [step by step guide] on how to create a lossy library from a lossless collection.


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