dBpoweramp [Multi Encoder]

Multi Encoder is able to encode using two or more encoders simultaneously, for example ripping an Audio CD to both FLAC and mp3.

Compression Options

Multicore allows Multi Encoder to use multiple cores at the same time.

Add Encoder
adds a new encoder, the encoder selection page is very similar to Music Converters:

Output To sets the folder and file naming converted files are saved:
  • Existing Source Folder: converted tracks are written to same folder as the source file,
  • Single Folder: all files written to a single folder of your choosing,
  • Preserve Source Path: allows the selection of a base drive or folder, into which the full source path is added and source filename,
  • Edit Dynamic Naming substitutes programmable elements, such as [artist] and replaces with real values from the ID Tags. dynamic is very flexible. In the above example all tracks are written to Artist then Album folders, whilst preserving the source filename. Further Naming Details  
Important: When using multi-encoder the source audio file (file converting from) must not be overwritten, this can lead to unpredictable results.

DSP Effects just as with Music Converter DSP effects, or actions (such as changing the ID Tags) can take place whilst converting.


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