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  Audio Conversion Engine Lite (ACE)


Automatic audio conversion perfected, effortlessly convert between formats. Based on dBpoweramp Music Converter, which has become 'the standard' tool for audio conversions with over 20 million users worldwide.
Audio Conversion Engine
  • Automatic audio conversions using a watch folder.
  • Comprehensive application logging.
  • Informative user interface shows progress of all tasks.
  • Metadata file feed-through.
  • Automatic source file deletion after a set number of hours.
  • Based on world class dBpoweramp Music Converter technology.
  • Multi CPU Encoding Support.
  • DSP Effects
  • such as Volume Normalize, or Equalizer. 

Audio Conversion Engine is the way to go, if you want to automatically convert audio files into other formats as a backend process (typically on a server).



Easy configuration:

Configure the general application settings.

Add and manage conversion profiles.

Configure the general and folder settings, for each profile.

Configure the file conversion settings, for each profile.
An Informative user interface shows the status of all jobs, even those that have completed:

User interface.

The status of all jobs, including start and end time, last encoding message and source and destination files are displayed. A comprehensive log keeps track of all conversions (also written to logfiles).
Multi CPU Support  encode using the full potential of your multi-CPU system:

Multi CPU Encoding (in this example running on a dual core system).

Modern computers have multiple cores, a 2 core system is effectively 2 computers and any program which can take advantage of multi-core encoding can encode twice as fast (on a 2 core system), or 4x faster on a quad core system.
DSP digital signal processing, effects which can be applied whilst converting, many effects straight from pro-audio with internal 32 bit floating point processing, complete DSP effect listing.