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Codec Central - mp3PRO Decoder (Reads)


Description Decode mp3 and mp3PRO Audio Files.
Download   mp3PRO Decoder  (316KB)
Decodes   .mp3 (including newer mp3pro) Encodes   none
Author   Illustrate Email   Email dBpoweramp
Homepage   www.dbpoweramp.com   Version   Release 1
             Requires an external component, FOLLOW instructions presented after install to the letter 

Codec Central - mp3PRO CLI Encoder (Writes)


Description Encodes mp3PRO Audio Files.
Download   mp3PRO Encoder (CLI)  (312KB)
Decodes   none Encodes   .mp3 (to mp3pro standard)
Author   Neil R. Turner Email   neilturner@myrealbox.com
Homepage   www.dbpoweramp.com   Version   Release 2
             Requires THOMSON mp3PRO Music Player - mp3PROAudioPlayer_v1_0_4.exe or http://www.mp3prozone.com/download.htm

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