Asset UPnP (DLNA compatible)

Asset is a UPnP (DLNA compatible) audio server, designed as an audio only server, which an emphasis on quality and enhanced browsing abilities. UPnP is a method of sharing media content between devices, where audio files are stored on a computer, server or NAS, multiple audio devices around the home network can play audio from the UPnP server (devices such as Linn DS, Naim NDX, XBox 360, PS3, etc).

Asset features:
  • Designed from the ground up as an audio only UPnP server,
  • Internet Radio: browse popular stations from around the world,
  • Dynamic playlists: find newest, least or most played tracks & albums. Jukebox (random) selection,
  • Dynamic Browsing, include / Exclude Genres, or Years with ease.
  • Customizable browse tree with advanced search facilities (Album by Release, Style, Composer, Conductor...),
  • Configurable Wave, LPCM or mp3 decoding (no quality loss) for devices which cannot play specific audio types,
  • DSD and DFF compatibility, decode, send untouched or DSD DoP embed
  • Capture the PC sound output and stream to a UPnP player (Windows only),
  • ReplayGain can be applied to Wave, LPCM and mp3 stream, volume matching across tracks for devices which have no support,
  • Runs efficiently in the background detecting new & changed tracks,
  • Asset Collections: create add additional asset instances, each with different audio libraries

When comparing to other UPnP servers, it is surprising how simple things are wrong, such collating albums with the same name as one huge album, after all you could have 10 Greatest Hits albums. With Asset UPnP the attention to detail is second to none.

Quick Start

Straight after installation Asset is fully operational automatically sharing all tracks contained in the Music folder (it will take a few minutes to scan the tracks and add them to the library). Asset watches the Music folder for changes and updates automatically. Asset is accessed directly from the device (such as XBox, PS3) or through a UPnP Control Point running on a PC (such Asset Control, Kinsky Desktop) or hand-held controller (such as Kinksy, Lumin, or PlugPlayer on the iPad).

Asset will appear on your UPnP control point as Asset UPnP: [Computer Name], select Asset to browse for audio tracks:

From here your audio collection can be browsed by Artist, Album, or even New Albums.

Dynamic Browsing

Dynamic Browsing offers a way to customize the listing (Artist, Album, Tracks etc) results using inclusion or exclusion principles. The easiest way to describe is through example, for example you are having a party and you want Music from the 80's and 90's, but you want to exclude the Genre Classical and Genre Soundtrack.

You would: Browse into Dynamic Browsing, do the included items first, so select Year >> 1980's, and Year again >> 1990's. Now the exclusions, select [Exclude] >> Genre >> Classical, and [Exclude] >> Genre >> Soundtrack, finally [List Albums] is selected (or [JukeBox Album Selection] for a random selection of albums).


Classical tracks typically do not fit well into the standard artist >> album, browsing method. Apple introduced Work and momement tags, if your tracks are tagged with these you can browse to Additional >> Composer / Work >> Work. Here tracks will be displayed by composer, then work.


Browse your collection in other ways, such as by File and Folder name. PC Sound card capture (Windows only) allows the computer audio to be captured and streamed to your player.

Internet Radio

The worlds radio stations are at your finger tips with Internet radio.

Tailoring Asset

Asset has a multitude of Configuration Options

Version Changes

Complete Asset Version Changes


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