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Asset UPnP Version Changes

Release 6

New Feature: Asset Collections: create add additional asset instances, each with different audio libraries
Indexer can exclude specific artists, genres, etc
New option to set the static tree icon backgrounds a set color, defaults to black
Faster at when processing huge collections
Search and browse Artist / Album returns correct unp:class
Added new option to rename shown text in browse tree, or map tags to different values, see Asset Configuration >> Advanced >> User Rename List (Display /Tag mapping)
Combined the options 'Multi-Disc Albums extract disc number from album tag' and 'Multi-Disc Albums as [album], Disc X'
New option to combine multi-disc albums as one album (disc 2 would have tracks offsetted from 100) enabled by default
Further internet radio compatibility fixes
Internal throttler for faulty Control Points which try to index the entire asset tree (LG tvs take note!)
Compilation tree item no longer displays Yes, goes straight in
Able to quickly rename shown tree items in browse tree, for example to rename Genre, select the Genre tree item and change to 'Shown Genre Value##Genre'
New option: Able to create a tree item which descends into the tree automatically, for example:

   1980s Pop##Dynamic Browsing&+&Genre&+&Pop&+&Year&+& 1980s

creates a item appearing as '1980s Pop', which when selected automatically descends into Dynamic Browsing >> Genre >> Pop >> Year >> 1980s. Additionally adding [TOROOT] to the end, example:

   1980s Pop##Dynamic Browsing&+&Genre&+&Pop&+&Year&+& 1980s[TOROOT]

allows the browsing to continue from the main 'root' tree level once '1980s Pop' is selected.

Able to enable and disable debug log without the need to restart Asset
New Albums, New Tracks, etc moved to Additional menu and some added by default to root menu
Now possible to select Genre >> Rock >> New Albums (to just list new rock albums)
Does not display Playlists item unless there are active playlists

Allows user to replace upstream art, add to folder %appdata%\dBpoweramp\uMediaLibrary\AssetUserUpstreamImages\ for example can add image 'New Order.png' to replace the artist shown image for New Order, or if an artist name likely to be used elsewhere in the tree, can specify the whole shown browse path:

   Artist&+&[N..]&+&New Order.png

Release 5.2

Updated presentation of Artist to be more compatible with various control points

New option: Multi-Disc Albums extract disc number from album tag

Shortened delay when restarting or disabling Asset service from AssetConfig
Added new option 'Fill Missing Album Artist Tags from Artist or Compilation Tags'

Bug Fix: Streaming short files would not allow seeking
Bug Fix: Supports (upnp:class derivedfrom "object.item.audioItem.musicTrack") style searches
Bug Fix: m3u8 playlists shown multiple times
Bug Fix: Bubble UPnP random works

Release 5.1

Search: fixed a regression from R4, where search was not triggered (and some players with built in control points, would not list any
tracks or albums)
Returned container ids are now always < 32 characters, previously they would expand to many more which caused issues on a handful of
control points.
Code to request Windows does not sleep is updated so there is no release between tracks
Fixed issue which could cause oppo to crash whilst browsing
Added new configuration option to stop [All Tracks] and [Shuffle Tracks] for album listings
Added new static images (such as A, B, C)
Bug Fix: Refresh All would not clear internal cache in Asset leading to unpredictable results (until asset was restarted).
Bug Fix: if output set to mp3 transcoded and source was > 16 bit or 48KHz, then output would be white noise

Release 5

Huge internal update, faster, sleeker. DSD supported, as well as extended search.

New database design, faster at indexing, browsing albums
Upstream art uses compilation artist, but will replace with non-compilation later
Does not remove files from database when the whole location missing (such as nas share down)
Compilation albums corrected to not show as Various Artists
Now compiled on VS 2013
Code Signed Components
Now uses persistent browse ids (even if asset is restarted)
Asset Configuration >> Added 'Configuration Folder: Open in Explorer'
When browse file & folders, if have folder.jpg or cover.jpg then present for folder
Inbuilt 40 second scanning delay removed
Does not scan @Recycle folder
DSD handling: 'as is' sends untouched audio/x-dff or audio/x-dsf. 'as Wav' decodes the DSD to PCM. 'as DoP' embeds the DSD bitstream into a WAVE file, requires a DoP compatible DAC, only DSD64 files are supported
Able to select more network shares in the browse library dialog
Icons for artist, genre, etc main menu items. The images can be found in the AssetImages folder where Asset is installed
AAC Radio Stations added, some 320kbps AAC streams out there
Streaming Decoder rewritten, big improvements on marginal radio and WASAPI streaming, also should be more able to resist heavy load on server
Search handled correctly
Dynamic browsing added [List Albums]
Faster database access
Album listing added new [Shuffle Tracks] entry
If an album is compilation then album view will not show any compilation artist as album artist, unless an artist has been browsed higher up the tree

Bug Fix

Album Artist would not appear in sorted and unsorted location
If add a new lib folder, then asset is restarted so picks up (for file and folder browsing)
Was possible to have multiple assets running after install
Fix for stalled socket potential resource leak

Release 4.3

bug fix: was failing to show details on albums in certain circumstances

Release 4.2

Multi disc albums have , Disc 1 appended (if option is set)
Multi disc albums where there are more than 10 discs, disc 1 to 9 are zero padded to retain sort order
Denon can now pause flac and wave
mp3 streaming is able to decode playlists (if mp3 is transcoded to anything else)
gives out only 1 ip address if matches CP request
upstream art does not use compilation albums, or artists who were contributing
playlists alphabetically sorted

bug fix: Album Artist would not always have upstream art
bug fix: if change assets name in the configuration page, it would not auto restart asset to apply change
bug fix: lpcm 16 with forced replaygain 24 bit option would output noise
bug fix: least played albums playlist entry works again

Release 4.1

Removed folder.jpg change detection
Priority given to internal artwork, multiple art works are checked for front cover match
detects multi disc on disc number > 1 instead of disc count
Detects and combines split albums which are compilation albums and are incorrectly tagged (no album artist and compilation flag not set)
Changed read ahead audio stream cache to priority threading
[all soloistss] corrected to show [all soloists]
1980's now shown as 1980s, etc

Search update, if get a image or video request it is ignored

bug fix: Fixed a memory leak
bug fix: upstream art could go missing on certain artists
bug fix: XBox 360 works again (MS please follow UPnP spec, rather than doing your own thing ;) )
bug fix: for any search request it does not add any helpers to the title (which might be later used to open an album for example)

Release 4

Dynamic Browsing - added automatically to the default tree (if you have an existing Asset, open Asset Configuration >> Advanced Settings >> click Restore Default)
Allows infinite browsing based on inclusion and exclusion, an extremely simple yet powerful way to refine browsing. For example you are having a party and you want Music from the 80's and 90's, but you want to exclude the Genre Classical and Genre Soundtrack, you would: Browse into Dynamic Browsing, lets do the included items first, so select Year >> 1980's, and Year again >> 1990's. Now the exclusions, select [Exclude] >> Genre >> Classical, and [Exclude] >> Genre >> Soundtrack, finally [List Albums] is selected (or [JukeBox Album Selection] for a random selection of albums).
Much faster rescanning of library (many times faster)
UPnP Search Implemented (requires a search enabled control point, such as PlugPlayer)
For the Year items a decades item is created, for example 1980's, 1990's
UpStream Artwork: allows the artwork from an album to appear when choosing an Artist, or Genre, etc,
Windows Home Server 2011 version
Increased internal streaming buffer to help speed streaming of audio,
Increased timeout of socket to 2 hours (from 6 minutes), allows non-resuming players to pause a stream that long,
So can specify other album art sizes (other than 160x160),
Show the last active control point on the Override settings page,
Added cover.jpg?size=xxx Media Server Extension to size album art,
Added new override settings:
[ForceAlbumArt=200] to force 200 pixel album art
If there are not many artists, and the default sort option (show in sorted and unsorted) it was possible to get two the same artists side by side,
Added new LPCM 24 bit mono, and strengthened the LPCM 24 bit routines,
Switched over internally to AssetUPnPDefinedBrowseTreev4 uMediaLibraryMainDBv4.bin,
RadioTime renamed to TuneIn Radio (same company, different name),
If there is no stored sort value for an already stored artist/composer name and a newly added track has a sort value, then updates to sort value,
Streaming added option for maxiumum 88KHz and 96KHz,
Added 'as is single' file extension option to allow for say flac to only be offered as flac (normally would offer FLAC, LPCM, WAV, FLAC for as is),
Split the debug logs to two (lib could overwrite asset debug),
WHS Config Page - on clicking refresh all gave a Ok Cancel, cancel does nothing so is removed,
Makes a date note of album art in external - folder.jpg, if changes then all tracks in that folder are auto-reindexed, newest art (internal or external) is used,
Removed the Scan Trigger items from Asset Tree, as various control points now seems to self browse the tree (plugplayer,etc) which would trigger continous scans,
Pending Rescans are cleared at the end of a scan (incase rescan was selected whilst scanning),
Persistent Album Art URLs, even through a Refresh all of database. Artwork stored in optomized single file,
Way more snapier when giving out artwork,
Internal Memory Cache of file playing, makes asset more resilient to heaving HDD interruptions, such as page file swapping,
Asset self restarts if crashes,

Bug Fixes
Returns a genre for album listings
For non-playable informational lines (such as library size), returns object.item
Random Track selection was ordered to an extent within the random list
Recently Played...etc updated when playing to Linn Players
Override Settings entry box has scroll bars
Possible to add fixed urls to a m3u playlist (mp3 only)
Was possible for refresh all, scan if clicked multiple times to leave the library with no tracks
If there is anything after ', disc X' in the album name, it is not trimmed
Whilst reindexing was taking place, was possible for Asset to not return track listings
Unknown Genre could be returned in didl
Also supplies <upnp:artist> for albums (same as <creator> value, KinskyDesktop needs to display an artist when browsing an album)

Release 3

Asset R3 is a significant improvement on R2, with a database redesign it overcomes many of limitations of the older design, whilst at the same time being faster and smaller. The browse trees have been redesigned to simplify track or album searching. Windows 7 and Vista users can capture their PC sound output and stream to a UPnP player through the PC Sound Capture WASAPI item. Finally the icing of the cake is the ability for Asset to combine artists with the same name where the spelling is slightly different (see below for examples).
Network connections monitored, if new IP address appears (ie network cable inserted) when previously no valid ip then asset restarts
DLNA compatibility improvements
New Database design, faster, now 6 times smaller
Track URLs remain constant, even through a complete database (refresh all)
Works with Album and Artist sort tags
Tag Sort Values Supported, automatic handling of The XXXX (appears alphabetically where XXXX should but shows as The XXXXX)
Foreign character sort mapping, ie 'Án Artist' (with hyphen above A) would appear with A's not at the end of the artist list
Twice as fast at accessing the internal database
New browsing Tree: defaults to Artist >> Album
New Browse item >> Advanced Search >> Album by Artist
File & Folder Browsing - tracks have album art and other information
New: Playlist >> Jukebox Album Selection
New: Playlist >> Previously Played Albums
New: Playlist >> Top Artists
Possible to set individual file types to stream as LPCM/Wav/mp3 (ie radio to mp3, WMA Lossless to LPCM)
LPCM L24 supported
Possible to group A to Z listings as ABC, DEF, etc
Options to switch off certain Asset helpers (some control points do not need, ie switch off prepending track number to title)
Option to hide albums from main album view which have single or low track count (ie cd singles)
Windows Media Player 12 compatible
Internet Radio lists mp3 & ogg streams also now
SourceProtocalInfo (for GetProtocalInfo) returns all formats able to decode, not just a global http:*:*:* (certain devices require it - Sony TV?)
Able to read BMP album art and add internally as JPG
For lossless audio gives out the kbps as uncompressed
Redesigned browse tree, now contains classical browsing Advanced Search\ Chorus, Orchestra, Soloists, Instrument, Period these tags are filled by R13.5 of
dBpoweramp CD Ripper from Sonata DB
PC Sound Capture [WASAPI] container can be added to browse tree, this captures sound output of the PC 'What you Hear' and sends over UPnP (Spotify..), requires
Vista or Windows 7
Added 'View Debug Log' button next to the debug enable check in Asset Configuration
Streaming as Wave or lpcm and player was paused, then on resume is possibiliy of white noise (more likely on 24 bit)
Bug fix: GetSearchCapabilities works
Increase priority of Asset UPnP (in relation to other programs)
Works with Samsung Devices (TVs), nothing special has to be set for the samsung, will autopick the LPCM stream
Option in Config to change Assets upnp name from Asset: [computer name]
Internal rule sets for various players which auto configure the default configuration (browse and format options), such as XBox and PS3
On filename & folder browsing, empty folders are not shown
upnp fixes to be compliant to intel upnp test tools

Release 2.1

Streaming Fix, compatible with Reciva line of devices,
Registered install able to register on installs where default install path was not used.
Release 2
Internet Radio: browse popular stations from around the world, Dynamic playlists: find newest, least or most played tracks & albums. Jukebox (random) selection, Device compatibility extended
Complete changes:
Added Internet Radio (in Asset Configuration >> Advanced >> Edit >> Restore the browse tree to add internet radio).
Added UserName option with RadioTime, so can store presets (from www.radiotime.com) and have them appear in My Presets (WMA streams only currently)
Internet Radio returns for UPnP Class 'object.item.audioItem.audioBroadcast'
Compatible with Denon systems
Keeps a static port address, this allows items in a play list to be kept through restarts of Asset
When updating tags keeps the track ID the same (allows an item stored in playlist to remain)
Album art handled much more efficiently - only one saved per album, also single art url given out for control points (will speed up a track listing where all album arts are the same)
Internal Tag reader will self quit when main program terminated
Automatic 'drilling down' to next level, for example have tree as Artist (no listing) >> A to Z >> D, previously A to Z would have to be selected, no it does not
Fixed installer issue on WHS where would say cannot run dbconfig.exe
Added mp3 encoding option
Added a debug option which creates a debug-log.txt file
Will now ignore files starting with '._' (which Apple MACs can create as 2nd files containing extra finder data)
New option (on by default) to replace 'The Artist' with 'Artist, The' [** requires library rescanning - refresh all]
New option (off by default) to remove 'The ' from album name also
New option (on by default) to place the disc number before track number on multi disc sets (for those discs where disc 2 has the same album name as disc 1)
New option for Asset not to perform a Refresh (detecting changes) scan on start
Internally caches the listings, so if back-tracking when browsing will be much faster
New Status Line (of scanning engine and how many tracks) added to Asset Config (or Asset Settings page in WHS)
Uses a fixed UDN ID
Playlists added (dynamic: newest, most played, least played and static playlists .m3u, .m3u8 and .pls) (in Asset Configuration >> Advanced >> Edit >> Restore the browse tree to add Playlists).
If removed a folder (from media library watched folder, but tracks are left) then tracks are not removed asset
Added option to browse by files/folders (have to add the tree item Folders & File Browse in Asset Configuration)
Added Asset Image (for control points which can show a little icon next to the
Migrated to new v2 database and album art store (v1 is removed)
URLs inside m3u are passed out as is
mp2 return not application/octletstream rather audio/mpeg
PS3 - once again better support (no stopping at end of stream when streaming to wave, no network errors when playing mp3)
PS3 - no longer cutting short mp3 tracks with a large album art
Xbox LPCM streaming compatibility
Splt install into 3 (all with WMA Decoder for Radio Streaming)
Added additional Playlist items:
Jukebox Track Selection - randomly selects 100 tracks based on rating (5 star rated items are played more than 1 star)
Previously Played Tracks
When browsing by albums, was returning Album Art of "" when there was none
Folder & file Browsing - the folders are exposed as a StorageContainer so can be added in one go to a playlist
All audio items returned as object.item.audioItem (previously could return as object.item if unknown audio type)
Roku can playback playlist tracks
For windows install, asset run options -
Runs Locally (default)
As a Service
25 second delay in Startup of asset if run from service as network might not have come up
Asset + port added to windows firewall (all os)
Internet radio, dynamic playlists and file system browsing are restricted to 'Asset Premium' version (which will require registration for $26, note any RipNAS install is automatically registered), 'Asset Premium' trial activated on install for 30 days (full release will be within 30 days). ** Note the registration pages are not active **
'Various Artist' album artist is replaced with the compilation '1' tag which asset uses internally (requires a Rescan Refresh All)
Firewall exclusions correctly set on non-English WHS installs

Bug Fixes
Ps3 and streaming would play the track too short: bitrates were off (and PS3 uses these)
Would close asset when a user was logged off (even though asset was running as a service)
Tag reader could leave the file open
Could return restricted for metadata browse on an item
If set the force to mp3 (but had not extensions forced), then would not save as mp3 selected (internet radio uses)
Multiple styles browsable
Certain vbr codecs such as mp3 where the exact length cannot be pre-determined, asset will pad transcoded stream with 0000s to fill stream to reported length

Release 1.1

Windows Media Audio (inc lossless) added to WHS install
Bug Fix: where tracks could appear multiple times if Windows returned the search with different cases (have to do a Rescan (Refresh all) if affected)
Bug Fix: compilation '0' tag was being picked up as compilation