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Developer Corner - DSP Effect Dll

A DSP effect alters the sound data in some fashion whilst a file is being converted. DSP effects can be selected by the user in dBpoweramp Music Converter (dMC) when the Power Pack is installed.  
Example DSP Effect DLL (196KB) The supplied example simply moves Left <> Right channels depending upon what the user has selected on the small option page. Written in Visual C++ V6.

After installing - Start >> Programs >> dBpoweramp Music Converter >> Developer


Spoons Tips

There are only 3 Functions which dMC communicates with the DSP all are shown in WaveOut.cpp also in this file is the routines for loading user settings and showing the option page (which is imbedded into dMC).

ChannelMove.cpp contains the code for moving channels - both for 8 and 16 bits of data. The data is passed from dMC to the DSP Effect in a temporary file - this file is raw PCM data with no headers - its format depends upon how many channels there are (Normally 1 or 2) and how many data bits (Normally 8 or 16 Bit). For a 16 Bit Stereo file:

[Left Channel] Sample #1
[Right Channel]
[Left Channel] Sample #2
[Right Channel]

Finally, the name you give your DSP DLL (in Illustrate\dBPoweramp\DSPEffects\) will be the name shown in dMC.

Enjoy, and send any DSP effects on to: 
Email dBpoweramp