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dMC Power Pack - Feel the Power!

The Power Pack is an addition to dBpowerAMP Music Converter (dMC), the Power Pack is included as a free trial with all dBpowerAMP Music Converter installs and features:
  • Lightening Fast CD Ripping with 'Rip to Ram' and 'Rip & Encode at Same Time' options,
  • Preview Audio CDs in CD Input, rip multiple tracks as one.
  • Organize your music collection with ID Tag editing,
  • Set priority whilst converting, optionally shutdown computer after conversion.
  • Send Audio files easily to your portable mp3 player with Sveta Portable Audio,
  • Fun Bars - changes the Percentage bar between many excellent designs:

Power Pack is a shareware addition, that is it will function fully for 30 days only after which it should be registered, or uninstalled. See below for a list of enhancements.


Register Power Pack

Registration is easy, secure and fast. Registration can be made using a Credit Card (preferred method) or by check.  Register Online Now

Power Pack Extras

  Arrange Music and Tag from Filename utility codecs, for more information see Codec Central

  Download: Fun Bar Pack


Complete Power Pack Enhancements


dBpowerAMP Music Converter (dMC)
  • A raft of DSP effects - fade, adaptive volume normalize, silence trim, karaoke, reverse, sound grabber and many other DSP effects,
  • Set encoding Priority level (time slice priority Windows gives dMC),
  • Option to automatically shut down computer after conversion
  • Skip Conversion complete message,
  • Play sound after conversion,
  • Run a program / script before and after conversion,
  • Exclude individual files from Playlist Conversions,
  • Fun Bars - changes the Percentage bar between many excellent designs, details and Fun Bar Pack install:



dMC Audio CD Input
  • Rip to Ram option for the fastest CD ripping possible, see here for CD Ripper Speed Comparisons,
    and even faster Rip & Encode at Same Time option.
  • Rip as One - record multiple tracks as one, or any start and end point on CD as one track,
  • Compilation CDs - automatic handling of different artists for each track, smart retrieval of multiple artists from freedb,
  • Auto create Playlists (M3U, or PLS)
  • Disable jitter correction (for CD Drives with Accurate Positioning)
  • Preview CD - play CD tracks and decide which should be ripped:


dMC Auxiliary Input
  • Auto Trim silence and Preserve audio during auto start and auto end recording,
  • Smart Track Length - if recording with Auto Start and Auto End, STL enhances dMCs ability to determine end of track silences. Also if recording manually, STL can be set to record for a set time per track.
  • Auto create playlists (M3U, or PLS),
  • Listen to recorded Sounds