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Shutdown is a convenient program for Windows 95/98/ME NT4/2000 and XP, one that makes it easy to shutdown your computer with a simple double click (I am too lazy to go fishing under my desk for the power button). When running Shutdown appears as an Icon down by the clock:

Right clicking on this icon shows this menu:

From here Shutdown can be configured, the four lower options - 

  • Shutdown (Atx) ++ and automatically switch power off 

  • Shutdown and display 'Now Safe to Switch off Screen'

  • Hibernate ++ writes all computer memory to disk and switches off, enabling a quick restart,

  • Suspend  ++ sets computer to a low power, instant start state (power to computer must be left on)

  • Restart computer and re-boot,

  • Log Off active user. 

++ Must be supported by computer (such as Atx)

Left Double Click sets which action should be taken if Shutdowns Tray icon is double-clicked with the left mouse button.

Only Windows XP users will see high colour icons down by the clock. Shutdown is freeware and can be passed on freely provided it is kept within its original install.

Spoon-  www.dbpoweramp.com (home to many high quality audio programs)



       Shutdown Release 1 (224KB) For Windows 95/98/ME NT4/2000/XP