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For the last 20 years, illustrate have gained expert knowledge in: Audio codecs, Ripping, Audio Conversion and Metadata. Privately held, our products speak for themselves in-terms of quality, depth and usability, these products include:

dBpoweramp Music Converter
Corner stone of illustrate's product base with over 40 Million users. Stability and compatibility are two of Music Converters defining characteristics, appealing to home users and businesses alike. Trusted by TV & Radio stations and Fortune 100 companies.

dBpoweramp CD Ripper
Falls in the top 5 CD Rippers of all time (ripped disc count), CD Ripper has ripped a quarter of a billion CD discs.

It is a safe assumption that dBpoweramp has encoded more multi-format audio tracks than any other program.

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Constantly innovating, over the years illustrate have been 1st in the world to:

  • Operate a ripping accuracy database: AccurateRip,
  • Release a player with smart playlists (what iTunes calls Genius playlists),
  • Load m4a audio files to an Apple iPod (on Windows),
  • Add rating abilities in an audio player library,
  • Implement an independent Apple Lossless encoder,
  • Audio Converter supporting Windows Media Audio,
  • Blend multiple metadata sources, self correct errors (PerfectMeta).