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With over 20 years experience of audio software development, Illustrate have a proven track record of meeting the needs of millions of customers.  

We offer the Professional

dBpoweramp Reference created for Audio Professionals, who demand more: more technical, more features, more pro-codecs. Supporting Broadcast Wave Format (BWF), Dalet, Wave64 codecs. IEEE floating point conversions (right through DSP effect chain), multi-cpu capable encoder. dBpoweramp's resampler scores the highest marks, of all resamplers.

Purchase dBpoweramp Music Converter & CD Ripper with bulk discount: for Windows and OSX

Purchase Asset in bulk with discount.

Batch Ripper automated CD Ripping (robotic loaders, or multiple manual loaders), ripping large numbers of audio CDs filling the needs of Radio Stations and professional ripping companies.

Command Line encoding run audio conversions through the command line, perfect for back-end encoding controlled from other programs / web scripts.

Scripting access Music Converter from scripting objects from your own programs, compatible with most modern languages.

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