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  dBpoweramp Codec Central: BWF mp2

Windows 98 or newer, dBpoweramp R12 Reference or newer required.


BWF mp2 & mp2 Release 5   (requires dBpoweramp Reference) 
503 KB


BWFMP2 is a derivative format of MP2 (also known as a "wrapper" for MP2 audio). Effectively, the file contains raw MP2 data with a BWF header (which its self is is in a wave container). The BWF header includes metadata which can be used by automation systems and is particularly useful when exchanging files between different systems. Many radio automation systems support BWFMP2.

See help file after installation to create linear BWF files.

Decodes   (standard dBpoweramp decodes .wav & .mp2)      Encodes   .wav & .mp2