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  dBpoweramp Codec Central: Real Audio

Windows 98 or newer, dBpoweramp R12 Reference or newer required.

Download Real Audio Encoder (writer)

Helix Encoder: Encodes to Real Audio (including Lossless), also included mp3 Helix encoder.

Real Audio Helix Encoder Release 6   (requires dBpoweramp Reference)  3.5 MB          32 bit only codec


Real Audio pioneered low bit rate stream able video files, over the years new codecs have been added to Real's setup including a Lossless audio type.

Also included mp3 Helix encoder: a blisteringly fast encoder,  100x encoding speed (2GHz Dual Core), 4x faster than Lame.

Windows 7 Notes: when using the Helix Encoder on Windows 7 an error 'The Program cannot start because MSVCP71.dll....', to correct this the MSVCP71.dll has to be given full access rights, open explorer and browse to (Program Files (x86) on 64 bit Windows):

C:\Program Files\Illustrate\dBpoweramp

There should be msvcp71.dll present in that folder, right click on it, select Properties >> Security >> click 'Edit' >> Select: Users ([your_compname]\Users) and place a tick mark in the Full Control box.

Decodes   (none see below)      Encodes   .ra   .mp3

Download Real Audio Decoder (reader)

Follow these instructions:

Download 'Real Alternative' search Google for "Real Alternative", verify installation by playing a file in Windows Media Player.


Install dBpoweramp's DirectShow filter, correct Real Audio extensions should be auto picked up as DirectShow supported, if not add manually (see the DirectShow help file).



Real Audio pioneered low bit rate stream able video & audio files.

Further details:  www.real.com

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