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  dBpoweramp Music Converter Support

Many Frequently Asked Questions are answered here. Before trying to solve any issues, be sure you are using the latest version (run dBpoweramp Configuration and Check for Updates).

Additional FAQs are listed on the Forum. Question not answered? ask on the appropriate Support Forum.

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 Music Converter  

Q. No Convert To when right clicking on an Audio File?
A. Both resolutions require dBpoweramp Configuration, first check under Codecs that the correct codec is installed which supports the audio type. Secondly on Music Converter tab make sure 'Convert To' on right click.... is checked, clicking OK will reinstall this option.

Q. Where are my converted files?
A. That would depend upon which Output To option was selected.

Q. How do I Uninstall dBpoweramp?
A. Select Start Menu >> Control Panel >> Add / Remove Programs (or Uninstall a Program for Vista).

Q. I have increased the bit rate of an mp3 file, but the file still sounds the same?
A. The old saying is You cannot get something from nothing, taking an existing sound file and converting it to a higher quality will not improve the quality. The only way of restoring quality is to re-rip from an original CD-Rom to mp3.

Q. Why does encoding not make use of my dual core?
A. These requisites need to be met:

  • Encoding more than one File,
  • dBpoweramp Reference (either Active Trial or Registered) installed,
  • Your computer has more than one CPU.

Q. This WMA file is protected and cannot be decoded?
A. The producer has copy protected the audio file, it is not possible for dBpoweramp to read from this file.

 CD Ripper  

Q. My CD drive is ripping very slowly?
A. Try ripping to Test Conversion (set to no speed limit), this rules out a slow encoder, an average CD drive might start at x10 and get to x25 for the last CD track (the x speed can be seen on the tool bar whilst ripping). If the speed is obviously slow, around x2 and your computer seems sluggish whilst ripping, then the cause might be Windows has switched the interface to CD Rom drive to a slower PIO mode. When ripping from a scratched CD if the CD drive takes too long to give out audio, Windows decides there is a fault with the CD drive and switches permanently to PIO (from DMA), which is bad for CD ripping.

Check that your IDE controller is set to DMA mode, look in Device Manager (press Windows Key then Break, select Device Manager) looking under IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers >> Primary IDE Channel (it could be named different on your system, right click >> properties) 'Advanced Settings' *** or Secondary IDE Channel if CD is on second channel ***. Look at the current transfer mode, if it does not say DMA, there is a problem. For a fix search google.com for 'restore cd-rom DMA transfer mode'.

Q. It Rips, but sometimes there are clicks and jumps?
A. Enable secure mode to recover errors.

Q. Disc titles are not filled in automatically?
A. First check there is an active internet connection (browse the web), check no firewall is blocking access (such as ZoneAlarm, Norton or Windows Firewall), if your connection requires a Proxy Server enter details into dBpoweramp Configuration.