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  dBpoweramp Legacy Compatibility with R12
Programs Affected

Auxiliary Input, Sveta Portable Audio, dBpoweramp Audio Player


Release 12 of Music Converter is a significant step forward, a complete redesign. Architectural differences between Release 12 and previous (last major R11.5) of dBpoweramp render the above mentioned programs incompatible with Release 12. Illustrate are working hard to update the mentioned programs to the new design, until then follow this work around to obtain a working R12 and 'legacy' installation:

  • Obtain a working install of the above mentioned programs (for Auxiliary Input install the previous R11.5 dBpoweramp or registered R11.5)
  • Install Release 12 of Music Converter into a different folder, such as dBpowerampR12  (without uninstalling previous version, same for Codecs)
  • NB: Audio CD Input icon is for R11.5, CD Ripper uses R12
  • Legacy Codec Central contains older pre-R12 codecs make sure they are installed in the same location as the older R11.5 dBpoweramp.

When the affected programs are updated to R12 compatibility, uninstall all dbpoweramp programs, reboot and install programs as normal.