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dBpoweramp Image Converter: Version Changes


Windows 11 - added option to put new+old, new or just old shell menus (Convert To)

libwebp update

Network share enhancements

Picture viewer - default to converted file, added mouse wheel for zoom

AVIF encoders combined to one
Jpeg 2000 and XL added (as well as conversion from and to XL from normal jpg)

32 bit dropped, created legacy version

Overwrite page:
   automatically tracks which files exist and shown in red, extension shown also.
   'No to All' renamed 'Skip existing' and the button will disable if no files are being overwritten (after renaming)
   Overwrite (x) shows how many are being overwritten
   also the headers autosize when size window, so extension always shows on edge
   detects also later encoded files which would overwrite files which are being written during conversion
   'Overwrite' button changes to 'Convert' if no files are being overwritten

Batch Converter / Converter shows update available on titlebar

bug fix: reconvert did not work
bug fix: multi-encoder would not show preview
bug fix: exif processing would not always work
bug fix: Preview bugs fixed (would not work at all in specific conditions)
bug fix: Fixed unresponsive UI of conversion progress
bug fix: could have two windows 11 shell items
bug fix: was double auto rotating images
bug fix: Webp if select lossless mode and a preset, was not lossless


New automated version check and download in control panel
Window 11 native menu support
AVIF decoder / encoder added

Release 3

Added HEIC decoder
Dropping files or folders onto the control center opens converter / batch converter
Preserve EXIF Tags DSP effect is removed, preserves now by default with option 'Preserve EXIF Tags' in Control Centre
Added new DSP effect 'EXIF Processing'
Added popup items Encoder and HasAlpha
Popup info tip, added EXIF tags
Added right click 'Edit EXIF Tags' on images
[group] & [split] added to naming (put in manual)
Convert to Exclusions done on load basis of right click, allows better inclusion / exclusion based on grouped file types
Control Centere: option to hide encoders
EXIF tags can be used in the filenaming
Quick convert option on right click

Bug Fix: 32 bit bmp files would not be read correctly
Bug Fix: Choosing After Conversion >> 'shutdown / hibernate / etc' would not happen unless 'skip finish' as also selected
Bug Fix: Orientation processed before conversion, preserving orientation
Bug Fix: Time presentation in local time

Release 2

Image Converter - [Delete Selected Profile] asks for confirmation
bug fix: Explorer >> convert to: loads converter, then do another Convert To would spawn a 2nd Converter, instead of adding the files to existing open one
Removed false reported [info] errors
if screen resolution changes and is showing maximized or too big for screen, then make maximized again
Shell installs right click icon for Batch Image Convert
Added preview button to converter options page, this allows DSP effects to be previewed before doing conversions
Supports higher resolutions better
Relaxed dynamic naming requirements, so now possible to convert to [origpath]\folder (to convert cover.png to folder.jpg) as an example
batch converter, if drop (from explorer) a folder or files, then autoselects them
batch converter: option to save file selections with profile
Added new Crop DSP effect
New dsp effect: custom command line
New dsp effect: preserve EXIF tags
New optimize option for PNG encoder, creates smaller PNG files
bug fix: if had an existing video converter on screen waiting to convert then adding new images would not launch new image converter
bug fix: removed jpeg converting error about decoding app fields

Release 1

First Release