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dBpoweramp CD Writer

Burning Audio CDs is easy with CD Writer: Standard Audio CDs, 'Mix' gapless CDs, also mp3 / WMA CDs (require compatible CD player), the choice is yours:

  • Create Audio CDs from practically any audio file
  • 74, 80 or 90 minute CDs supported
  • Gapless CDs
  • Mp3 data CDs
  • Rip >> Mix >> Burn your CD


CD Writer is free for all users of dBpoweramp R13 or above (any version, free or registered).

Please note limited support can be offered for CD Writer if there are incompatibilities with your CD/DVD/BluRay drive, CD Writer is now effectively unsupported.

CD Writer is not compatible with the 64 bit version of dBpoweramp, view details here how to force dBpoweramp to install 32 bits (which is compatible with CD Writer).

Download: CD Writer  R4 1MB

Limited User Accounts: also install CD Writer Access Service   170KB