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dBpoweramp Codec Central: Direct Stream Digital (DSD)


Windows XP or newer, dBpoweramp R12 or newer required.


dBpoweramp DSD Decoder Release 3    1.4MB       32 & 64 bit codecs included


DSD (Direct Stream Digtal) is the audio format used for Super Audio CDs (SACD). This codec is able to decode .dff (DSD Interchange File Format) and .dsf files.

DSD is an unusual format in that it is 1 bit with a very high sample rate (2822400 Hz, or 5644800 Hz), from this it is possible to create a 24 bit file by reducing the sample rate.

It is also possible for this codec to embed the DSD signal in a DoP file (DSD over PCM). The idea behind DoP, is that DSD can be passed to a compatible DAC, the player and transport need not know about DSD, as it is passed as PCM. To create a DoP DSD file, enable DoP embedding, then convert a dsf or dff file to FLAC or WAVE, this file when played though a compatible dac will decode the DSD. See the Advanced Options section for details on how to configure.

Decodes   .dff  .dsf