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dBpoweramp Codec Central: BWFMP2 & mp2 Encoders


Windows XP or later and dBpoweramp R12 or newer.


dBpoweramp BWFMP2 & mp2 Release 7    1.7MB       32 & 64 bit codecs included

Decodes: (none)      Encodes: .wav   .mp2


Invented by the MPEG group, MP2 (official name "MPEG 1 Layer 2", also known as "raw MP2") was developed as a streaming format, meaning that a player can play the audio from a data stream without first having to read the file header. MP2 has found it's home in professional broadcasting applications and VCD video CDs. Almost all radio automation systems in the last 10 years support and prefer MP2 (or a derivative, such as "Dalet SND" or "BWFMP2") as a standard file format