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  dBpoweramp Codec Central: OptimFROG

Windows XP or newer, dBpoweramp R12 or newer required.


OptimFROG Release 3    OptimFROG v5.003    2.1 MB          32 and 64 bit codec


OptimFROG is a lossless codec, meaning no audio quality is lost whilst compressing (unlike lossy codecs such as mp3 which throw audio data away), audio compressed to a lossless codec will be decoded identical to the source, think of it as zip for audio. All lossless codecs compress around 2:1 or 4:1 at best, a 3 minute audio track will be around 18 MB.

OptimFROG is a new technology, sophisticated, high-performance lossless audio compressor. It obtains asymptotically the best lossless audio compression ratios.

Further details:

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