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Description dBpoweramp has a DirectShow Codec, this allows dBpoweramp to read from any DirectShow filter Codec installed.

Important: The DirectShow codec below does not come with any decoders (or DirectShow filters), these must be installed separately, then configure dBpoweramp's DirectShow codec to recognize the installed filter (by adding the file type, see the help file).

Download     DirectShow Codec  (169KB) Version     Release 1
Decodes       Many (as supported through DirectShow Filters) Encodes   [none]
Author          Illustrate Email       Email dBpoweramp

Sources of DirectShow filters:

AC3: Download from http://ac3filter.sourceforge.net/   [Direct Download]   add .ac3 to Configure DirectShow Decoder
Audible: Read Joe's guide to setting up dBpoweramp on the forum.
Real Audio: Download 'Real Alternative' from  http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/1054136293/1  (or search in Google for Real Alternative) add .ra .rpm .rm .ram .rmvb all on separate lines to Configure DirectShow Decoder