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Description FLAC is a lossless compressor, when it compresses nothing is thrown away, uncompressing the file leaves the exact original. Unlike Mp3, WMA and other similar lossy compression methods, which throw away audio quality in the name of higher compression rates. FLAC will only obtain a maximum of 4:1 compression (more like 2:1 for normal use), a 3 minute track will take up about 30MB. FLAC uses either Ogg Tags, or ID3 tags.
Download     FLAC Audio Codec (538 KB) Version     Release 5.3 (Using Flac 1.1.2)
Decodes       .fla (option to enable this type)   .flac Encodes   .flac
Author          Illustrate Email       Email dBpoweramp
Homepage   http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/flac