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  Codec Central Legacy
This codec central is frozen in time, containing codecs for older (pre R12) dBpoweramp.

 Which Codecs Should I Install?  

Do not
install all codecs, you will just make dBpoweramp run slower. Here is a short audio guide - make sure your intended player supports your chosen audio type:
  • Highest Possible Quality - go for a lossless (it looses no sound quality) codec such as Monkeys Audio,
  • Compromise on Space - best lossy would be Musepack above 128 Kbps it cannot be beaten, 
  • Most Compatible - that would be mp3 it is built into dBpoweramp no need to install,
  • Portable Player - for iPod go for the newest mp4, others try Windows Media Audio,

In addition there are Utility Codecs which perform useful actions on existing audio files (such as rename based upon ID Tag).

 Codec Menu  

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Decodes (read)   

Encodes (write)    

CLI Encoder    
 Built-into dBpoweramp

Decodes Encodes   CDA   [.cda]    Audio CDs, dBpoweramp CD Writer is able to write CDA files
Decodes Encodes   mp3   [.mp3  .mp2  .mp1  .mpga  .mpa  .mpx  .mpg]    dBpoweramp uses excellent Lame mp3 compression
Decodes Encodes   wave  [.wav]    Windows built-in wave

 Popular Codecs

Decodes Encodes   m4a    [.mp4, .m4a, .m4a, .m4b, .aac]    Newest mpeg standard (AAC LC, AAC HE, AAC HE v2, 3GPP and Apple Lossless ALAC)
Decodes Encodes   MPC    [ .mpc, .mp+, .mpp]   Highest quality lossy codec at high bitrates
Decodes Encodes   Ogg Vorbis    [.ogg]    Open source high quality
Decodes Encodes   Windows Media Audio    [.wma, .asf, .wmv]    Microsoft's v9.1 standard, pro, lossless, voice
...also see lossless below

 Lossless  no quality lost, like zip compression

Decodes   Apple Lossless    [.m4a]    Apples ALAC format
Decodes Encodes   FLAC    [.flac  .fla]    Popular Open Source Lossless
Decodes Encodes   Monkeys Audio    [.ape]    Great all-round performer
Decodes Encodes   OptimFROG    [.ofr]   
Decodes Encodes   Shorten    [.shn]   
Decodes Encodes   The True Audio (TTA)    [.tta]   
Decodes Encodes   Wavpack    [.wv  .wvc]    Unique lossless and lossy hybrid mode

 Speech  audio codecs specifically for spoken voice

Decodes Encodes   Speex    [.spx]     Open Source highly efficient voice codec
Decodes Encodes   Windows Media Audio    [.wma, .asf, .wmv]    Microsoft's voice

 mp4 / mp3 / mp2 Specific

Decodes Encodes   Advanced Audio Coding    [.aac]
Decodes Encodes   mp4    [.mp4  .m4a  .aac]    Newest mpeg standard
Encodes   mp2    [.mp2  .wav (in BWF format) ]
Encodes   mp3 Blade    [.mp3]
CLI Encoder   mp3 Fraunhofer IIS Mp3Enc    [.mp3]   From the designers of mp3
CLI Encoder   mp3 Lame CLI    [.mp3]   Access all lames options through the command line
Decodes CLI Encoder   mp3PRO    [.mp3]    mp3 low bit derivative
CLI Encoder   TooLame mp2    [.mp2]    Supports VCD 224Kbps
CLI Encoder   Xing X3 & ToMPG    [.mp3]

 Other Codecs

Decodes Encodes   AIFF    [.aif  .aiff  .aifc]    Apple audio format
Decodes   AC3    [.ac3]    Dolby AC3
Decodes   Au    [.au  .snd]    NeXT / Sun
Encodes   Broadcast Wave Format    [.mp2  .wav (in BWF format) ]
Decodes   Creative Labs VOC    [.voc]
Decodes   Creative Labs Nomad Voice File    [.nvf]
Decodes Encodes   Dalet Radio Automation System    [.snd]
Encodes   Generic CLI    [Many Formats]    Use any external Command Line Interface Compressor
Decodes   Raw Input Decoder    [.raw  .pcm  .bin]    Asks when decoding format of file
Decodes Encodes   Real Audio    [.ra .rpm .rm .ram .rmvb]
Decodes   Winamp Input Adaptor    [Many Formats]
Decodes   VCD (also Karaoke CDs)    [.dat]
Decodes Encodes   VQF TwinNT    [.vqf]

 Computer Generated  retro & games

Decodes   FastTracker 2 Module     [.xm  .xmz]  
Decodes   ProTracker MODule     [.mod  .mdz]  
Decodes   SAP    [.sap]    Atari SAP Music Archive (ASMA)
Decodes   ScreamTracker 3 Module    [.s3m  .s3z] 
Decodes   VTX    [.vtx  .vtm]    Songs created on ZX Spectrum, Atari, MSX

 Utility Codecs  for Music Converter

  Utility Codecs do not compress or read audio, but rather perform a useful functions.

  Arrange Music       Arranges audio files based on ID Tags (Requires Power Pack)
   Channel Splitter    Splits multi-channels audio files into separate wave files, one for each channel
   Rename Extension      Renames audio extension, ie .mp4 to .m4a
   Tag From Filename    Create ID Tags from file / folder names (Requires Power Pack)  
   Update ID Tag     Update an ID Tag to a specific version, or remove all ID Tags from an Audio File   
   Multi-Encoder      Encode to two different formats at the same time
   Length Splitter    Split a large file into smaller files