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dBpoweramp Codec Central

Codec Central contains a wide selection of audio codecs. Codec is short for compression and decompression, adding extra reading (decoding) and writing (encoding) abilities to dBpoweramp. Note codecs listed here are for the Windows version of dBpoweramp only.

There are two types of encoder:
  • Lossy: where audio quality is lost whilst encoding in order to create smaller files,
  • Lossless: no audio quality is lost (like zip compression).
Refer to Spoon's Audio Guide for details and help choosing the right audio codec to suit your needs.

Which Codec Should I Choose?

Here is a short guide - make sure your intended player supports your chosen type:
  • Highest Quality: lossless, no quality is lost,
  • Most Compatible: mp3 is king, it plays on everything, AAC (in the m4a container) is a close 2nd.
Additional Utility Codecs perform useful actions on existing audio files (such as rename based upon ID Tag).

Included with dBpoweramp
 AIFF Uncompressed Apple Format  [.aif .aiff]
 Apple Lossless Apple's own Lossless (ALAC, iTunes, iPod)  [.m4a]
 CDA Audio CDs, dBpoweramp CD Writer can burn CDA  [.cda]
 FLAC Popular Lossless  .flac]
 mp3 dBpoweramp uses the excellent mp3 Lame    [.m2a  .mp1  .mp2  .mp3  .mpga  .mpa  .mpx  .mpg]
 Wave Windows wave    [.wav]
 [Multi Encoder] Encode to two formats simultaneously

Additional Codecs
AC3  AC3 Dobly Digital  [.ac3]
 AAC Advanced Audio Compression  [.aac]
 Broadcast Wave Format (BWF) Professional codec  [.wav]
 CLI Encoder Encode to any Command Line Interface (CLI) encoder
 Dalet Radio Automation system  [.snd]
DX  DirectShow Decoder Decode from any DirectX DirectShow installed decoder
DSD  DSD (Direct Stream Digital) DSD Decoder  [.dff, .dsf]
 m4a (Apple Lossless & AAC) Newest mpeg standard (AAC LC, AAC HE, AAC HE v2, Apple Lossless (ALAC, iTunes, iPod))  [.m4a]
 Midi Musical Instrument Digital Interface  [.mid  .rmi]
 Monkeys Audio Lossless codec  [.ape]
 mp2 Professional broadcast  [.mp2]
 Musepack High quality lossy codec above 128Kbps  [.mpc,  .mp+,  .mpp]
 Ogg Vorbis Open source, high quality, also auToV encoder  [.ogg]
 Opus New internet delivery codec  [.opus]
 Wavpack Lossless codec  [.wv  .wvc]
 Wave64 Sony extension to the wave format  [.w64]
 Windows Media Audio (WMA) Microsoft V10 Pro, standard, lossless & voice  [.wma, .asf, .wmv]

Utility Codecs for Music Converter

Utility Codecs do not compress or read audio, rather perform useful actions.

 Audio Info Extract audio details to list, or a tab delimiter table (for Excel)
 Arrange Audio Arrange audio tracks based on ID Tags (Requires Reference)
 Calculate Audio CRC Compare tracks for differences in the audio component
 Channel Split Extract multi-channel audio to single files
 ID Tag Update Update tag version, manipulate or delete ID Tags
 Length Split Split tracks into smaller chunks
 ReplayGain Non-destructive volume normalization (requires compatible player)
 Tag From Filename Set ID tags from filename or folder names

32 Bit Only Codecs   (view 64/32 bit compatibility)
 mp3 Helix Incredible 100x encoding speed (2 GHz Dual Core CPU), 4x faster than Lame  [.mp3]
 mp3 Fraunhofer IIS From the designers & creators of mp3  [.mp3]
 OptimFROG Lossless codec  [.ofr  .ofs]
 Real Audio Helix Real Audio  [.ra, .rm, .ram, .rmvb]
   Shorten Lossless codec  [.shn]
 Speex Speech Only Codec  [.spx]
 The True Audio Lossless codec  [.tta]